AMOLF, the Netherlands

General Details about Research institute AMOLF and the available academic job opportunities (PhD, Post doc) and internships are compiled here.

AMOLF the Netherlands
AMOLF the Netherlands

Research institute AMOLF is part of the institutes organization of Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). AMOLF carries out fundamental research on the physics and design principles of natural and man-made complex matter. AMOLF uses these insights to create novel functional materials and find new solutions to societal challenges in renewable energy, green ICT and healthcare. AMOLF is located at the Amsterdam Science Park.

AMOLF Mission

AMOLF’s mission is to initiate and perform leading fundamental research on the physics of complex forms of matter, and to create new functional materials, in partnership with academia and industry.

The AMOLF way

  1. Focus on excellent science
  2. Obtain outstanding technical infrastructure
  3. Initiate and develop new scientific topics
  4. Keep the organization and the research groups relatively small
  5. Collaborate with colleagues, universities and academia
  6. Facilitate social cohesion

Research at AMOLF

Functional complex matter: Researchers at AMOLF are continuously searching for the fundamental relationship between the architecture and interactions of complex molecular and material systems, ranging from nanophotonic structures to multicellular organisms, and their properties and functions. AMOLF performs research within the following strongly connected themes:

  1. Nanophotonics: Mastering light on the nanoscale
  2. Nanophotovoltaics: Light management in solar cells
  3. Designer Matter: Designing novel materials
  4. Living Matter: A physics perspective on life