63 Chalmers University Job Vacancies - April, 2023


  • Postdoc (28)
  • PhD (26)
  • Associate Professor (4)
  • Assistant Professor (2)
  • Engineer (2)
  • Lecturer (1)
  • Professor (1)


  • Physics (20)
  • Applied physics (13)
  • Electrical engineering (12)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (12)
  • Chemistry (9)
  • Chemical Engineering (6)
  • Mathematics (6)
  • Architecture (5)
  • Computer Science (5)
  • Mechanical Engineering (5)


  • PhD Degree (34)
  • Masters Degree (29)
  • Relevant Experience (1)
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Postdoc in Adaptive and energy efficient power amplifiers for future wireless systems

Ref REF 2023-0215We offer a postdoctoral position where your research will contribute to the needs in future wireless communication and sensing systems, have the opportunity to contribute to large int...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: May 01, 2023

Research Engineer in Experimental Geotechnics

The Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering has about 290 employees encompassing a broad theoretical knowledge base, from engineering science to the social sciences to the humanities, as well...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: May 01, 2023

Postdoc position in optical spectroscopy

We are recruiting highly motivated postdocs to be part of an EU-financed project targeting photochromic probes for fluorescence microscopy. The node at Chalmers will be responsible for the design and ...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 30, 2023

PhD student position in single molecule analysis with nanopores

Ref REF 2023-0206This is your chance to work in a strong research environment with an interdisciplinary research topic that is very active worldwide. An excellent chance to merit yourself for whatever...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 30, 2023

Postdoc in supply-chain policies for deforestation-free landscapes

Ref REF 2023-0122Reducing deforestation is critical for efforts to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. Yet recent years’ groundswell of commitments from companies, financial institutions, and ...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 30, 2023

PhD student position in Storage and flexibility for enhancement of grid capacity

At the department of Electrical Engineering research and education are performed in the areas of Communication and Antenna systems, Systems and Control, Computer vision, Signal processing and Biomedic...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 28, 2023

Postdoc position in Probing solid/liquid interfaces with cryomicroscopy

Ref REF 2023-0217Project descriptionSolid/liquid interfaces enable the functionalities of many modern material systems. Deep insights into these interfaces will facilitate design of novel materials fo...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 20, 2023

Associate Professor in Energy Conversion for Propulsion Systems

Ref REF 2023-0025Join us at the Department of Mechanical and Maritime Sciences to enable the transition to a decarbonized propulsion system. Gothenburg and Chalmers are located in the center of the Sw...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 16, 2023

PhD student position in Human Body Model for Bicyclist Shoulder Injuries and Countermeasures

Ref REF 2023-0209Project descriptionThe research will be conducted in the division of Vehicle Safety at Chalmers. The research at the Division of Vehicle Safety investigates why and how often accident...

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 15, 2023

Postdoctor in Type theory for mathematics and computer science

Ref PAR 2023/405The University of Gothenburg tackles society’s challenges with diverse knowledge. 56 000 students and 6 600 employees make the university a large and inspiring place to work and study....

Listed: Mar 30, 2023
Deadline: Apr 14, 2023

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